proofs“Quiddity is simply delightful…it goes about its business of entertaining the masses of literary fandom…with an originality never seen…a wonderful romp through words…writing of the finest example…it doesn’t get any better than this.”


The brilliant thing about the medium is to hear poets reading, speaking and singing their works and the extra impact that it makes on the listener.”

~Cambridge University Press

Quiddity is the real nature or essence of a thing – that which makes it what it is. The annual print issue of Quiddity features exemplary prose, poetry, and artwork from emerging and established writers and artists around the world. International submissions are encouraged.

The public-radio program, temporarily on hiatus, was published and produced in partnership with NPR member/PRI affiliate NPR Illinois. Our audio archive features select Quiddity authors and artists reading and talking about their work.

From the Editor
The arts have an exquisite capacity to engender moments of keen understanding—moments that can happen across time, culture, and distance, coalescing these into a distillate spark of acute discernment.  As such, Quiddity has deep regard for and is profoundly grateful to its audience and its contributors, without whom our charge would be without quiddity.  ~JBT


Joanna Beth Tweedy
Founding Editor and Host

Lisa Higgs
Poetry Editor

Judi O’Brien Anderson
Poetry Editor Emerita

John McCarthy
Managing Editor

Pamm Collebrusco
Anna Knowles
Associate Editors

— — —

Bob Meyer
Programming Director

Erin Hovey
Josh Myers

Heather Goodman
David Logan
Prose Editors

Marianne Stremsterfer
Art Editor




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