In conjunction with the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial celebration, Quiddity's "Better Angels' issue features a collection of creative responses — including poetry, artwork, fiction, essays, and a radio play — to Abraham Lincoln's literary essence from new, emerging, and established writers. The “Better Angels” issue was generously funded with a grant from the Illinois Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission.

Volume 1.2 – Winter/Fall 2008-09

To access an individual contributor’s bio click the name of the contributor. To access the radio podcast in which an individual contributor is featured click the audio icon next to the contributor.

For this issue, with its highly specialized subject matter, Quiddity’s editors were joined by the following guest editors:

Dan Guillory
Professor Emeritus and Author
Living with Lincoln and The Lincoln Poems

Kathryn M. Harris
Director of Library Services
The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

John A. Lupton
Associate Director/Associate Editor
The Papers of Abraham Lincoln

Will Anderson
Troy Bigelow
Douglas A. Blackmon
Adam Braver (Interview)
Sean Brendan-Brown
Jason Lee Brown
Marcy Campbell
Dan Campion
Orman Day
Jane Eckles
Rebecca Ellis
Dan Guillory
Kathleen Gunton
John Knoepfle
John Kruse
Annie Lighthart
Mike Manning
Wesley McNeese
Jane Noblet
Sara Ratcliffe
Paul Sohar
Emily Thompson
Jim Tolan
Martha Modena Vertreace-Doody
Lance Weller
Martin Willitts, Jr.
David Wright