Implement for the Arrangement of Formulas in a Comprehensible Sequence – Rick Ives

It’s snowing so I’m					listening to something old and slow
on the sympathetic radio			and drinking a kind of light
from the lowered sky as				I begin to fly across the room
all this leaves my head				which had been filled with
too many places to go before			everything outside saying this no

it has the look of staying				I’ve seen it on the faces of
baby birds and snowmen			who knows how long
that look really means				it says forever or
just don’t forget me					I’m the kind of guy who gets
along with snow and				baby birds and doesn’t really

mind if I don’t last forever			even begin to understand
in that emptiness so				I stir it all up in the hot coffee
the dawdling postman shares			because back at his house there’s
the same things I’ve got and no			reason to go out there to deliver
news of what might happen			in this world we’re busy ignoring

deliver us this time					and see if any occupants answer
let us take them for our ride			when the cool offerings melt
the infant thought bundled			in hope and fool embarkations
its implied head fat with				vague raveling content
hair thick after the close				of the body’s other increase

holding itself apart from				a part of its own future
to keep the container				as fresh as the idea inside
it’s a loop you fly					to itself and it’s you
owling out to your talons			feeding on a circle that
doesn’t know you yet and			never will land

Rich Ives is the 2009 winner of the Francis Locke Memorial Poetry Award from Bitter Oleander and the 2012 winner of the Creative Nonfiction Prize from Thin Air Magazine. His book of days, Tunneling to the Moon was published by Silenced Press (2013).

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