Spring, you bitch – Gladys Justin Carr

	How blood-stained & beautiful

	in one breath you are, announced

	by your advance guard     the things

	with feathers, squeaking, squawking

	some call it song I say cacophony

	in b flat dear sugary spring

	with your stupid bonnets &

	boutonnieres     I could use

	a wintry drink on the rocks

	to crush your mash-up of rapture

	regret   enchantment   delusion

	oh  you  are  so  overrated

	my beloved, neon costumed, shaking

	down the heart    bursting it

	with long-stemmed short-lived dreams

	how little they know you, the lovers

	on the splintered bench gazing

	at your big-haired blooms

	while you dance in daylight

	saving time    leafy, clotted

	color-gorged, sun lashed   trees

	loaded    branches like shotguns

	buds taking aim.

Gladys Justin Carr is the coauthor of Edge by Edge (Toadlily Press, 2007), which includes her chapbook Augustine’s Brain—The Remix. A three-time Pushcart Prize nominee, her work is featured in The Best of Toadlily Press (2011) and has appeared in over 80 publications, including The New York Times, Ninth Letter, Spoon River Poetry Review, North Atlantic Review, Potomac Review, and International Poetry Review.

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